Thandiwe Gula-Ndebele 



Thandiwe Gula-Ndebele is a Zimbabwean multidisciplinary storyteller . After completing their BA degree in Screen Production at the University of Cape Town in 2017, Thandiwe began to experiment with photography, collage, and filmmaking to document the narratives and ongoing history of their community. Thandiwe’s work, which they identify as a healing modality, inquires into concepts of freedom within the African Diaspora, with a focus on remembrance and empowerment that draws on self-representation and reimagination of self. Thandiwe uses self-portraiture and figurative visual language inspired by Ndebele and Shona culture to interrogate the intersections of memory and identity.  They weave together personal and cultural mythology to build worlds that center the joy, expression, and evolving heritage of black and brown queer people. Thandiwe’s practice is rooted in compassion, embodiment, collaboration, reflection, and ritual, which they believe are expressions and rites of passage of African indigenous knowledge.

Pronouns: They/Them/He/Him

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